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We really appreciate you sharing your feedback with us about our Virtual Hub web pages. Completing this survey should only take you around 5 minutes. Even if you start the survey, you can leave at any time.

All data collected in this survey will be held securely and remain strictly confidential. Your individual responses will be aggregated and any identifying features will be removed. This data will not be passed on to any other organisation.

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Data Protection
The University of Sheffield will act as the Data Controller for this study. This means that the University is responsible for looking after your information and using it properly. In order to collect and use your personal information as part of this research project, we must have a basis in law to do so. The basis that we are using is that the research is 'a task in the public interest'.
Further information, including details about how and why the University processes your personal information, how we keep your information secure, and your legal rights (including how to complain if you feel that your personal information has not been handled correctly), can be found in the University's Privacy Notice.